Just got finished this past weekend wading through all 61 Power Equipment Trade/GIE+EXPO Dealers Choice Awards nominees, and developed a good list of finalists. Products nominated were weighted heavily toward the “Accessory/Attachment” and “Wheeled” product categories, though there is some really cool stuff in all five categories. Following are the 2008 PET GIE+EXPO Dealers Choice Awards finalists, seen for the first time outside of PET‘s fertile editorial office here in Montgomery, Ala.:

’08 Dealers Choice Awards Finalists

  • EDGE Replaceable Mower Blade Edge—Booth 10082
  • Agri-Fab SmartSWEEP Lawn Sweeper—Booth 8164
  • Gailco Innovations Mow-Aerator—Booth 10156
  • MoJack Mower Lift System—Booth 11184
  • Foley United 460 Auto Blade Grinder—Booth 11021
Business Services
  • Fail-Safe Tangible Protection Plans—Booth 948
  • Green TV Tube Video Site—Booth 2208
  • Real Green Systems Dealer Handheld Database—Booth 3024
  • Stihl iCademy Online Training Program—Booth 5074
  • Paulson Computer InvenTrakk BMS—Booth 775
Handheld Products
  • Tanaka TCS-3301PFS Chain Saw—Booth 1084
  • Red Dragon Back Pack Torch Kit—Booth 1180
  • Shindaiwa EB802 Backpack Blower—Booth 7188
  • Husqvarna K750 Power Cutter—Booth 9094
  • Echo BRD-280 Bed Re-Definer—Booth 4104
  • ARGO Amphibious 6×6, 8×8 Off-Road Vehicles—Booth 9035
  • Husqvarna Four-Seat Utility Vehicles—Booth 9094
  • KYMCO MXU 375 4×4 ATV—Booth 1044
Wheeled Products
  • Wright Mfg. Stander ZK Mower—Booth 4094
  • Lastec 100” Articulating Mower—Booth 9116
  • Ventrac MJ840 Contour Mower—Booth 8082
  • Little Wonder Optimax 9 HP Blower—Booth 4050
  • Briggs & Stratton Allis Chalmers Lawn Tractor—-Booth 5054

Special thanks go to all companies that have participated.

Now it truly is the dealers choice: Dealers will vote on these finalist products the first two days of the show, October 23-24, with the winners announced soon after noon on October 25. PET will give away $100 cash to one lucky voter when the winners are announced, but to sweeten the pot, we’ll also be giving away a PulseTech battery charger to a lucky voter on each of the first two show days.