Briggs & Stratton Pro Engine

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Briggs & Stratton Corp. announces the new Professional Series engine designed to meet the unique challenges of ZTRs by providing commercial-grade features that protect the engine from dirt and debris while assuring exceptional performance and durability. Briggs & Stratton’s patent-pending integrated Cyclonic Air Management System provides a 5-step debris management process to keep grass, dust and debris out of the engine, extending engine life. The process provides maximum air cleaning and greater debris protection when compared to panel-style air filter systems. Under normal mowing conditions, the Cyclonic Air Management System works so efficiently, it extends the cyclonic air filter maintenance interval to 250 hours—about 2 to 3 times longer than panel-style air filters. Here’s how it works:
Stage 1: A rotating screen in the Cyclonic Air Filter throws large pieces of debris away from the engine through centrifugal force. Particles that make it through the screen are chopped into fine particles.
Stage 2: A fan forces fine particles into a deflector under the blower housing, ejecting them down and away from the engine.
Stage 3: A series of baffles and an ejector further process the air before it reaches the air cleaner housing.
Stage 4: Air spinning in the air filter forces any particles to the outside of the housing where they are ejected through a duck bill-shaped valve.
Stage 5: The cyclonic action of the air in the air cleaner cover deflects any remaining particles away from the filter. Minute particles are then trapped by the filter, preventing them from entering the engine.