The manufacturing plant at longtime power sports manufacturer Carter Brothers in Hamilton Crossroads, Ala., caught fire around 3:30 a.m. July 12. More than 50 firefighters from neighboring towns worked throughout the day to put out the blaze, but the plant sustained severe damage. Plant employees had been off work since July 2 and were expected to return later that morning. At the time of the fire, there was no one inside the building.

While the fire did not consume the workshop or paint department, it is believed to have begun in the finished goods and shipping department. The stock of finished products is a total loss. State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk has begun investigation into the cause of the blaze. There were 43 employees before the plant closed for the week-long vacation. The company has closed its joint venture in China and was moving all manufacturing back to Alabama.

This is the second fire to affect Carter Brothers. The plant was rebuilt after a fire in 2000. The decision to rebuild has not yet been made.

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  1. Timothy Nicholson

    When I was an inmate at Elba Work Release Center, I was blessed to be given a job at Carter Brothers.Although it was only suppost to be a temporary job of cleaning up out back of the plant,I worked very hard to show them that I was cabable of doing other jobs inside the plant.The staff there was so nice to me and went out of there way to make sure that I had a good lunch everyday.I got my wish and was given a job on the production line,I was in heaven.I looked forward to going to work everyday, because with the people I worked with I would forget that I was a State inmate doing time, I felt like just another one of the guys trying to make a living. I was devistated the morning I pulled up there in a work release van to see the place I loved being destroyed by fire. Now I am a free man back home with my family in Northeast Alabama.I am having a hard time here trying to find a job.My hopes are that Carter Brothers will once again rebuild.I would to move my family there and be an employ of this wonderful company.