Honda’s Dream Garage, Featuring The New HSS Snow Blowers

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Written By: Jessica Johnson

Not often am I able to test run some of the equipment—especially a snow blower! The PET offices are in the Deep South, so our need for a snow blower most of the time is very minimal. However, recently, I was invited to test out the brand new Honda HSS series snow blowers during their Dream Garage event in San Marcos, Calif.

If I thought the Deep South didn’t need a snow blower, I would have never thought southern California would need one! Honda got creative and set up a demo area with wet sawdust: I’ve been told that the wet sawdust was very similar to a snowy ice mix. The machine was every easy to operate. It took me a second to get the hang of it, but once I did, I think I was a total natural. Though thanks to one of Honda’s district service managers, you can be the judge.

Built in North Carolina, the HSS series snow blowers replace the HS series and feature enhancements like fingertip steering, hydrostatic transmission and joystick electric chute control.

While at the Dream Garage event, I had the opportunity to operate a selection of products from each of Honda’s product segments. I accurately earned the nickname “Grandma” after taking the Pioneer side x side no faster than about 8 MPH.

Make sure to visit the Honda booth at GIE+EXPO to see the all-new HSS series snow blowers.