Husqvarna Launches “Just Ask Alexa!”

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Husqvarna has announced that Automower robotic mowers are now compatible with the cloud-based voice service Alexa. The integration enables homeowners with Husqvarna Automower to start, stop, park and ask about status from their mower simply by asking Alexa. The first version is available in English for the many thousands of connected Husqvarna robotic mowers in gardens and parks across the world today.

With the integration of Amazon Alexa, Husqvarna Automower owners can now control their robotic mower by asking Alexa to start, park, and pause the robotic mower, as well as resume sessions. It’s also possible to ask Alexa to run Automower for a set number of hours and ask it what Automower is doing, providing owners with additional ways of interacting with their robotic mower—beyond the existing mobile applications.