Husqvarna Reformulated X-Guard Bar And Chain Oil

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Husqvarna has reformulated its line of machine oils to set new industry standards in performance and product longevity. Made specifically for Husqvarna products, the improved formulations deliver lower operating temperatures and greater detergency inside engines. Using proprietary blends of synthetic and virgin base stocks, these oils and lubricants are designed to run cleaner than previous iterations.

Husqvarna X-Guard premium bar and chain oil has been reformulated with unique anti-wear properties that result in outstanding wear protection. The addition of a premium tackifier adheres the oil to the bar and chain for longer and provides less “sling off.” Greatly reducing friction and welding of metal parts under high loads, Husqvarna X-Guard premium bar and chain oils are available in three formulations: all season, low temperature which is rated down to -49F (-45C) and biodegradable which does so in less than 28 days.