New Hustler Products

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Hustler Turf Equipment introduces new and redesigned products, as well as new mowing deck technology. The new X-One is a commercial mower at an attractive price that does not compromise quality or features. The X-One updates the Hustler Z with proven components and Hustler’s new deck with VX4 technology. The Next Generation Super Z raises the bar for its competition by using industrial grade components. While other manufacturers are searching for ways to cut corners and save production costs, Hustler Turf promises to keep “cutting grass, not corners.” The new Super Z also features Hustler’s new VX4 deck. Hustler recently developed the innovative VX4 deck technology. The progressively larger tunnel in front of the blades, along with a wider discharge opening, moves grass through the deck faster, resulting in greater discharge dispersion. Higher air and grass volume throughput results in less material carried in the cutting chambers. This allows higher ground speed without compromising cut quality. Superior cut quality is due to grass being better lifted during cutting. This results in a crisp clean cut and appearance every time. An adjustable front inner wall allows deck performance to be optimized for all grass conditions and seasons.