GrassFlap OCDC Pedal

GrassFlap introduces new SE-L pedal for use on zero-turn mowers. The new pedal features an “L” shaped pad and base—which allows the flap cable to run straight along the side of the foot deck while the pedal pads is within easy reach of the operator. It bolts easily to the edge of any foot deck for a clean install. Foot operation of the chute blocker (OCDC) gives a big advantage over lever operated OCDCs. Lever operated units require letting go of the steering control to open and close the OCDC, with foot control you can operate the blocker while still moving without needing to let go of the steering controls to open or close the discharge chute. 

GrassFlaps are available to fit most makes and models of zero-turn mowers, including riders, stand-ons and walk-behinds. GrassFlap, LLC has been in business since 2012 selling its chute blocker online and through local dealers.