LawnBott Spyder, NT-60

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While not much has changed externally on Kyodo America’s LawnBott, each 2011 model has received electronic updates to improve durability and owner ease of use. In addition to the fully automatic robot mowers, from the LB2110 up to the LB3510, the new LawnBott LB1200 Spyder has met with great success and opens up a new category for semi-automatic robotic mowers for smaller yards. Kyodo America is also releasing the new NT-60 wire laying machine. Initially designed to make installations of the LawnBott easier, contractors who need to lay small diameter cable or micro-irrigation systems have found it to offer a smaller footprint, making it easier to operate with less of an impact on the homeowner’s yard. With an articulating handle, designed to get under overhanging trees and bushes, the NT-60 offers more versatility.