In a recent Harris Interactive survey commissioned by Brigs & Stratton, 93% of homeowners agree that maintaining a good looking yard is common courtesy to their neighbors. And, 85% of homeowners say neighbors who don’t maintain a good-looking yard can bring down property values for others. To help maintain their yard, 84% of homeowners say they own lawn and garden power equipment. Lawnmowers are by far the most popular piece of power equipment owned, with more than 70% of homeowners having a gasoline-powered lawnmower. Hedge trimmers (46%), chain saws (44%) and pressure/power washers (33%) round out the top four. Mowers get top priority, as nearly three-quarters (74%) of homeowners say it is the one piece of equipment they can’t do without.

“When we purchase a home, we are essentially signing a ‘social contract’ with our neighbors to maintain a certain standard when it comes to the way the exterior of our home looks,” says Carissa Gingras, Director of Marketing at Briggs & Stratton. “Newer homeowners especially may need some support in knowing how to keep up. At Briggs & Stratton we offer a wealth of resources through, our dealer network and customer service team to help give homeowners the knowledge and confidence they need.”