Ventrac 4500 Tractor

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Ventrac’s new 4500 tractor offers new powerful engine options, more safety features, enhanced technology and easy, comfortable handling. New multiple engine options offer powerful performance choices in the Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki and Kubota models. The new 4500 will provide a propane “green” engine option with the Kubota DF972. Ergonomically friendly controls include an easy to reach automotive style parking brake, and a conveniently located PTO belt tensioner. The relocated weight transfer lever allows operators to easily adjust for increased stability on slopes and for increased lift capacity. The sealed electrical system protects fuses, relays and terminals from corrosion and outdoor elements. A new automotive style wire harness allows a quick ‘plug and play’ feature for ease of connecting optional tractor accessories.  The optional digital slope indicator with warning light integrates into the dash, providing easy visibility, and allows operators to continuously monitor the degree of slope operation. The extra large premium comfort seat with adjustable slide rails will provide many hours of riding comfort for operators. The tractor features an enclosed muffler for greater visibility and minimized exhaust exposure. Operators of the new 4500 are kept informed of operational temperatures, oil pressure or low voltage levels with the enhanced instrumentation of the new 6-function warning gauge. Visit