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New From B3C: Better Than Oil Bar & Chain Lubricant

Bar & Chain Oil is a total loss lubricant, meaning 100% of this non-biodegradable oil ends up on the ground as a contaminant. Each year, over 18 million gallons of petroleum-based bar & chain oil pollute the Earth. As little as 1 gallon of petroleum-based bar & chain oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of drinking water. B3C’s new Better Than Oil Bar & Chain Lubricant is a groundbreaking, environmentally-friendly, 100% oil free, water soluble bar & chain lubricant that contains no petroleum ingredients.

This product will not stain pavers, concrete, house paint / siding, walkways and more. It is water soluble for easy clean-up. By being 100% bio-based and environmentally safe, Better Than Oil is safe for lawns, plants, and pets; and is safe to use near water, with no sheen in bodies of water.

This new formula works in all chainsaws (gas-, battery- and electric-powered). The high tack formula helps reduce sling and throw off. An anti-wear additive helps extend bar and chain life, giving your saw all season performance. The bio-based, non-toxic, biodegradable formula contains rust and corrosion inhibitors with no petroleum ingredients. It is patent pending.

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