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Grasshopper Distributor Forms Partnership For Floor Plan Financing Program

Vero Technologies Inc., a provider of bespoke floor plan financing programs, has entered into a partnership with The Harnack Co., one of the largest distributors of the Grasshopper brand. This partnership reinforces Harnack’s commitment to their values of fostering personal, relationship-based support for their dealer partners and offers the flexibility required to tailor program terms based on the requirements of their retailers. Recognizing the need for a floor plan financing partner that mirrors their dealer relationships, Iowa-based Harnack selected Vero for its ability to offer tailored and adaptable financing options.

John Mizzi, CEO at Vero, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting, “Our partnership with The Harnack Co. is a perfect example of how Vero’s flexible and dealer-centric financing solutions can align with the ethos of a company that prides itself on strong retailer relationships. We are excited to provide custom financing solutions to The Harnack Co.’s network, enhancing their ability to support the dealers they have a long history of working with through a program that reflects their purchasing needs.”

Vero’s approach to floorplan financing was developed to adapt to the specific demands of each dealer, offering a level of flexibility that standard financing solutions do not match. This partnership will support Harnack dealers by facilitating more effective inventory management and growth opportunities.

Mike Raecker, Vice President of The Harnack Co., comments, “In Vero, we found a partner whose philosophy of flexibility and personalization in dealer relations aligns with ours. Vero’s unique ability to offer dynamic, behavior-based financing terms made them an ideal choice for us. This partnership is not just about financing; it’s about enhancing the support we provide to our dealers, enabling them to thrive.”

With this collaboration, Vero and Harnack are poised to set a new industry standard in dealer support within the outdoor equipment sector.

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