PERC Promotes Clean Propane ‘On Campus’

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Karnes Enterprise Distributes Archer, TsuMura

Minor Karnes, formerly with Tilton Equipment Co., with the help of his two sons Jason and Michael has taken his experience and knowledge to establish his own importing and distributing company Karnes Enterprise in 2016. With over 40 years in the Chainsaw Industry, Karnes Enterprise is a leading distributor specializing in chainsaw chains, guide bars, sprockets, sharpening tools and much more. Offering products from some of the most popular brand names in the industry. Over the years Minor has developed great long-term relationships with the families and people behind the Archer, Tecomec and TsuMura brands.

Karnes Enterprise offers a complete line of Archer saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, brushcutter blades and other accessory items.

In addition to Archer, Karnes’ is a leading distributor of Tecomec products. The Tecomec line includes professional saw chain grinders, chain breakers and spinners, grinding wheels, trimmer heads, and other forestry accessory items.

Karnes’ also imports and distributes the professional Japanese made TsuMura chainsaw guide bars. Known by many in the industry as one of the best chainsaw guide bars in the world. Karnes’ stocks all the popular sizes from 12 in. to 36 in. for all major brands of chainsaws with varying versions of standard, lightweight and premium lightweight.

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