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New From Altoz: TerraFlex Track System

Engineered for commercial-grade use, the TerraFlexTrack system for the TRX 766 i zero-turn mower from Altoz are designed to excel in demanding conditions, making them ideal for heavy usage operators who frequently tackle large areas and challenging terrains. The TerraFlex track system contains a meticulously crafted tread pattern that prioritizes traction, stability, and a smooth ride in the toughest environments such as ditch banks, retention ponds and solar fields. Made from all-natural 100% rubber, these tracks offer exceptional durability, increased flexibility, and superior performance, while also providing greater resistance to punctures and tears.

One of the key features of the TerraFlex track system is its construction, which includes steel cables encased in vulcanized rubber, thus prolonging their lifespan and reducing downtime that can be common with pneumatic tires. Additionally, heavy-duty steel drive links and ¾ in. hardened steel sprockets prevent sprocket slippage and facilitate a smooth rolling path for the undercarriage system, delivering unyielding traction and reduced rolling resistance.

TRX 766 i with TerraFlex track system models are available now. For owners of previous model year TRX 766,
TerraFlex track and sprocket kits are available for easy upgrading.


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Karnes Enterprise Distributes Archer, TsuMura

Minor Karnes, formerly with Tilton Equipment Co., with the help of his two sons Jason and Michael has taken his experience and knowledge to establish his own importing and distributing company Karnes Enterprise in 2016. With over 40 years in the Chainsaw Industry, Karnes Enterprise is a leading distributor specializing in chainsaw chains, guide bars, sprockets, sharpening tools and much more. Offering products from some of the most popular brand names in the industry. Over the years Minor has developed great long-term relationships with the families and people behind the Archer, Tecomec and TsuMura brands.

M&H Equipment Service Named Altoz Dealer Of The Year

M&H Equipment Service (M&H), a locally owned Northeast-based commercial power equipment sales and service dealer, has received the prestigious 2023 Altoz Dealer of the Year award. This recognition underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, education, fair pricing, and unparalleled customer service. It is the first win for M&H, though the company’s third time in the Top 10 Dealer category.