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Rotary Has Full Line Of Arborist Supplies

Hundreds of professional-grade arborist products are featured in a 50-page section of the Rotary’s 2024 Master Catalog, including the latest gear from leading brands such as Buckingham, CMI, Kask, Kong USA, Pelican Rope and U.S. Rigging Supply.

The lineup includes 16/24-strand climbing rope, rigging rope, flip lines, lanyards, ascenders/descenders, snap hooks, clamps, grabs and pulleys. With steel and aluminum carabiners and a wide range of safety gear such as shock-absorbing helmets, earmuffs, saddles, harness kits and climbers also available in the catalog.

Rotary has a vast assortment of Jameson pruners, loppers, tri-cut hand saws and pole saws with various poles, extenders and accessories. Combo kits make it easy for tree care professionals to interchange pruner heads or pole saws quickly and easily using adapters and the same pole.

The company’s user-friendly website makes it easy to locate items with comprehensive listings and a convenient “keyword” search. Backed by an exclusive parts warranty that ensures quality and performance, Rotary also has over 10,000 different outdoor power equipment parts for mowers, trimmers, saws, pressure washers, snow blowers, garden tillers and more!

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