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Yakta Unveils Full Production Line

Yakta, building upon 35 years of manufacturing excellence through its sister company Arrowquip, transfers a customer-focused approach to the zero-turn mower industry and has announced full-scale production of its range of zero-turn mowers. Fresh off the success of last year’s Equip Expo prototype display, Yakta’s production lineup, including the YXR 710, YXR 610 and YXR 410, with the YXR 910 soon to follow, boast industry-shattering durability, from their strong I-beam caster arm construction to their 7-ga. steel decks—strength that sets a new standard in mower resilience. 

Highlights of the YXR series include: The YXR 710, with a 30.5 HP Kawasaki FX781V EVO EFI engine, a 16-gal. fuel capacity and versatile hitch receiver; while the YXR 610, offers up to 10 MPH of mowing speed, with a hitch receiver and equipped with a choice between a 24 HP Kawasaki FT730V or a 27 HP Briggs CXi engine. The YXR 410, with a hitch plate, up to 9 MPH mowing speed and heavy-duty ZT-3800 Hydro-Gear transaxles, is powered by a 23 HP Kawasaki FR691V or a 25 HP Briggs CXi engine.

 Yakta’s confidence in the lasting power of its products is evident in the unprecedented 5-year or 2000-hour warranty, covering everything except for batteries, blades, and tires. This extends to the included components from Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton and Hydro-Gear, whose parts are covered under Yakta’s industry-leading warranty.

 “True to our roots, we listen, we act, and we deliver,” says Andrew Firth, Yakta CEO. “Our extensive warranty doesn’t just promise reliability; it ensures we stay accountable to our most important partner—the customer. The best mower hasn’t been invented yet, but at Yakta, we’ll never stop trying to build it.”

 The YXR series is not just tough but intelligent, too, featuring a touchscreen display that provides users with comprehensive diagnostics. This smart system empowers operators to identify issues immediately and decisively, determining whether they can proceed with their work, address a problem themselves, or if they need a service visit.

 With additional dealer partnerships in the pipeline and the impending release of the top-tier YXR 910, as well as the introduction of the YXR 120 and YXR 320 models this summer, Yakta is set to redefine the standards of the zero-turn mower industry. Committed to dealer success and consumer satisfaction, Yakta knows dealers are integral to product development, reflecting Yakta’s commitment to ongoing innovation and rapid adaptation to customer feedback.


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