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New From Z Turf: Z-Aerate 50 Aerator

With the ability to aerate up to four acres per hour, while simultaneously applying granular material, the Z- Aerate 50 from Z Turf Equipment takes productivity and profitability to new heights. Z Turf Equipment Product Manager, Jonathan Guarneri, said the Z Aerate 50 is a larger, more powerful version of the company’s earlier Z-Aerate 40 model.

The 50-in., 12-row tine head uses positive down pressure and a full-floating design to pull plugs with a consistent core depth of up to 3.5-in. A precision depth adjustment system enables core depth to be adjusted in .25-in. increments. Plus, the split-reel design enables the Z-Aerate 50 to easily maneuver around trees, flowerbeds, and other landscape features with the tines in the ground.

The Z-Aerate 50 is powered by a twin-cylinder 25 HP Kohler Command Pro engine. The intuitive controls and zero-turn maneuverability offer increased efficiency, while the independent high-torque pumps and wheel motors deliver ground speeds of up to 10 MPH forward, 5 MPH reverse. An 8 gal. fuel cell provides increased runtime between fill-ups.

The Z-Aerate 50 is capable of performing two jobs at once with its integrated broadcast spreader and 150 lb. capacity hopper. In addition, a wide range of accessories are available to further increase productivity and versatility. Choose from a 30 gal. sprayer, 36-in. slicer seeder, 46-in. dethatch rake, or a 40-in. spike-style aeration head. The ability to perform multiple jobs in each pass dramatically increases profit potential.

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