Blount Awarded $2 Million

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According to news reports, major chain saw bar and chain manufacturer Blount International has been awarded $2 million in damages in a patent infringement case against TriLink Global LLC and its subsidiaries TriLink Saw Chain LLC, Jinhua TriLink Huihuang Co. and Jinhua Huihuang Hardware Co.

At issue was Blount’s patented design for a nose sprocket in a chain saw guide bar. The sprocket uses a “cradle” technology that Blount says lasts three times as long as conventional nose sprockets. During the trial, the defendants argued they didn’t copy Blount, but modeled their products on guide bars from saw chain and bar supplier Carlton Co., which is now owned by Blount. But a Carlton engineer testified that Carlton’s products didn’t exist at the time the defendants claimed to have copied them.

“This is an important victory for Blount and for innovators throughout the United States,” say Blount CEO James Osterman. “This victory emphasizes that we will not allow companies to misappropriate our intellectual property.”