EDA: Beware Engine Software Overrides

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A recent report from the Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA) reminds dealers that “right to repair” activists are misleading end users and others and cautions dealers that any action to change or override emissions controls can lead to violations of the Clean Air Act. Such is the case with a recent manufacturer of aftermarket engine software products.

In fall 2018, the EPA and U.S. Justice Dept. fined Derive Systems, maker of “Bully Dog” and “SCT” engine tuning software, over the manufacturing of emissions defeat devices found to be in violation of the Clean Air Act. As a result, Derive is paying $300,000 in fines plus another $600,000 to upgrade its products.

According to the EDA report, dealer customers “need to know installing these illegal and dangerous modifications to their valuable equipment violates federal law and have far more risks than benefits.” The reports says using such products can also “void manufacturer warranties, negatively impact trade-in value and …lead to shorter equipment life” because of operating equipment outside manufacturer specs.