Husqvarna 522HDR75S Hedge Trimmer

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As part of a new line of gas-powered hedge trimmers, the new Husqvarna 522HDR75S features higher cutting capacity thanks to a special knife design and gear ratio, efficient air filtration through a two-stage air filter and best handling through a well-balanced overall design.

Husqvarna 522HDR75S Hedge Trimmer

Front and rear handles are arranged so that the center of gravity is close to the axis that is crossing the center of the loop handle and rear handle grip. This new design provides excellent maneuverability and minimum resistance while handling. Equipped with 21.7 cc efficient low-noise engines and gear components that have been developed for longevity under tough conditions, the new series, including the 522HDR75S, contains reliable and durable hedge trimmers for professionals who are looking for less engine wear and longer service intervals.

The 522HDR75S is a double-sided hedge trimmer with a 30-inch cutter knife and high torque gear for tougher cuts and dense, overgrown hedges. It offers high productivity and the durability professionals demand. The multi-position handle and low weight (11.7 lbs) provide excellent handling, while the high-capacity blades, open blade guard and impressive cutting capacity allows for reliability and high work output.