Stihl RMA 460

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The Stihl RMA 460 lawnmower is the first lawnmower in the AK Series of the Stihl Lightning battery system, giving AK battery users a full line of products to complete tasks around their lawns. This lawnmower is compatible with the Stihl AK 20 battery or Stihl AK 30 battery, providing homeowners with performance options based on yard size. With a cutting deck width of 19 in., the RMA 460 is highly maneuverable for quick and efficient grass cutting with each pass. Its 15.85 gal. grass catcher allows for more mowing and less stopping, while the handlebar is easily adjustable for user comfort.

Users of the RMA 460 enjoy a low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the mower due to minimal maintenance (no engine or filter maintenance) and low operating costs. With multiple performance options based on yard size, the RMA 460 can mow approximately 2,475 sq. ft. on a single charge using the AK 20 battery, and approximately 3,440 sq. ft. on a single charge using the AK 30 battery, with the added benefit of a commercial-grade, brushless electric motor with ECO mode, which automatically reduces power when mowing through light grass and adjusts to full power in tall grass to conserve battery life and extend run time. It features seven different cutting heights from 1 3/8 to 3 3/4 in.