PERC Promotes Clean Propane ‘On Campus’

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New Web App OPE Dealer Hub Announces Launch Scheduled For July 13

OPE Dealer Hub is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative web application on July 13, set to transform the power equipment dealership industry. This app uniquely connects dealers with each other and with inventory through its Dealer Forums, Used Wholesale Board, New Brand Rooms, and Direct Messaging Modules.

“Its the software I always wished existed,” says Larry Zimmerman, Principal, OPE Dealer Hub. “This app is built to solve 90% of the stresses I faced every day as the operator of a two-location dealership in the rural Midwest over the past 10 years.”

The OPE Dealer Hub App addresses common dealership challenges and offers a comprehensive solution to improve cash flow, streamline operations, and enhance dealer collaboration. Zimmerman developed the app to provide a platform that empowers dealers, enabling them to address inventory challenges and enhance operational efficiency. Adding, “Brands and distributors at the end of the day look out for themselves. And a-lot of times dealers get left behind.”

Key features of the app include: A wholesale marketplace where dealers can list, buy, and sell inventory at wholesale prices on an exclusive closed-loop system. Through the marketplace, dealers can also market trade-ins quickly to improve cash flow while still marketing inventory to customers at retail prices. In the “Brand Rooms” dealers of specific brands can come together to list new equipment, and interact with others in a forum setting. Locked access ensures only verified dealers of a specific brand can enter. Entries are checked against the brand’s dealer locator for verification.

Dealer Forums provide a space for salespeople, managers, marketers, and mechanics to share advice, ask questions, and discuss industry topics. Direct messaging for private conversations is also available. Continuous expansion of training content through the training module shares industry-related training for sales, service, and management from seasoned professionals.

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