Rotary Battery-Powered Sprayer Kits

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New From Rotary: Battery-Powered Sprayer Kits

Spraying has never been easier thanks to battery-powered sprayer kits from Rotary. The 4-gal. backpack model is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery and sprays up to 50 gal. on a full charge. Other features include comfort padded straps, a durable stainless-steel wand and a built-in pressure switch that shuts off the motor to conserve battery life.

The Smith 2-gal. handheld model has a 7.2 V powered head and sprays up to 24 gal. per charge with consistent and continuous tank pressure that is regulated between 17 and 24 psi.

Both sprayer kits feature battery wall chargers and six nozzles for a wide range of spraying applications. Weed prevention, fertilizing, pest control, water-based sealing and mildew removal is fast and easy with Smith’s battery-operated sprayers from Rotary.

Sprayers are among more than 9,500 power equipment parts, tools and accessories listed in Rotary’s 2023 master catalog for dealers and distributors. The catalog is also available in a PDF format for downloading online.


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