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Solectrac Electric Tractors Announces LeadVenture As Preferred Website Provider

Solectrac electric tractors, first released in 2022, produced in Northern California and a soon-to-be-opened North Carolina assembly center, a leading supplier of electric equipment for the ag industry, has partnered with LeadVenture as its preferred provider of websites to Solectrac dealers nationwide.

LeadVenture, a SaaS provider of dealership solutions such as dealer management systems, digital retailing, e-catalog solutions, online storefronts, and numerous layered apps such as inventory management, lead management, and email marketing, through its ARI Network Services and Dealer Spike brands, Solectrac dealers will be offered ‘Solectrac Zone’ websites with lead generation tools, and will provide SEO, SEM, geofencing, retargeting, and social media marketing.

“Solectrac tractors are unique in offering a powerful tractor that is better for people, livestock, and the environment. We also wanted to offer a unique online experience to our esteemed dealers and customers, that is why we selected LeadVenture,” says Mani Iyer, CEO Solectrac. Solectrac will begin rolling out the partnership to their dealer network in March.

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