COVER STORY- Service Drives It Home For Colorado Dealership –

DENVER, Colorado – Working to provide commercial lawn and garden equipment operators with premium power equipment and top-notch product service and repair at three different locations, owner Saad Bulifa has a great option for customers in central Denver and the south side of town.

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Service Drives It Home For Colorado Dealership

Article by Dan Shell, Senior Editor, Power Equipment Trade

DENVER, Colorado – Working to provide commercial lawn and garden equipment operators with premium power equipment and top-notch product service and repair at three different locations, owner Saad Bulifa has a great option for customers in central Denver and the south side of town.

Asked how he came to own and operate three lawn and garden dealerships in the greater Denver area, Saad Bulifa says in one way it was easy: “I just bought the competition” when they were looking to exit the industry, he remembers. Both dealership owners approached Bulifa and said they were looking to get out of the industry. This fit well with Bulifa’s constant eye toward expansion.

Bulifa has had a commercial customer focus from his first days of starting his own dealership. A native of Libya who came to the U.S. in 1979 to pursue an engineering degree, Bulifa had taken a job at a lawn and garden dealership in the area.

The business concentrated on homeowner and residential markets for sales. When Bulifa proposed an initiative to pursue more commercial sales, the owners said they weren’t interested in the pro customer opportunity. So Bulifa started his own dealership in 1987, Alamia Outdoor Power Equipment, to target that market. He bought and moved into the current Alamia building in 1990.

Since he bought a second dealership in 2003 and another dealership in 2013, it’s been a decade of integrating the three locations—Alamia Outdoor Power Equipment and Colorado Outdoor Power Equipment (’03) in Denver and Broadway Total Power Equipment (’13) in nearby Englewood, Colorado. The stores are integrated, but not completely. Bulifa prefers to operate each location as its own business with their separate original business names.

Instead of developing an overall brand for the three locations, Bulifa operates each independently, though the facilities have several key things in common: the same major product lines, the same labor rate and a c-Systems business management system that has all three facilities linked digitally and allows each store to search for parts and inventory in the other two locations. Bulifa has run c-Systems for more than 30 years.

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By Jessica Johnson, Managing Editor, Power Equipment Trade



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