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Oregon SpeedCut Nano Cutting System

The SpeedCut Nano cutting system from Oregon is the first ever .325 in. low profile cutting system designed to increase cutting speed and extend runtimes on battery-powered and compact light-weight (20-38 cc) gas chain saws.

The innovative cutting system features a new saw chain, guide bar and sprocket to optimize the performance of chain saws in the 1-3 HP range. The increased efficiency of the SpeedCut Nano cutting system also provides battery saw users with up to 20% more cuts on a single charge. For this power range, the SpeedCut Nano 80TXL saw chain provides greater productivity for users such as arborists, municipalities, landscape professionals and property owners. Customers can accomplish their projects faster and more efficiently, with less downtime spent recharging and refueling.

Other features of the SpeedCut Nano Cutting System include a design that reduces the tendency to stall in the cut, while multi-axis grind technology provide exceptionally clean cuts. Plus the LubriTec lubrication system keeps saw chain and the guide bar oiled, reducing friction and wear for longer life and better performance.

SpeedCut Nano 80TXL saw chain will be available for Husqvarna, Stihl and Echo battery and gas applications starting in early summer of 2020.

Visit oregonproducts.com/speedcutnano.

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