EXPOelite 2023


For nearly 25 years the Heftee 2000 and 4000 have been the lift of choice for professional power equipment technicians working on the widest range of riding mowers and commercial turf equipment. Heftee lifts are ideal for shops short on floor space; there is no special installation required and the Heftee 2000 and 4000 operate on 110V.

Safety is Heftee’s first priority. All our lifts are designed and tested to hold four times their rated capacity, and our safety record is unmatched in the industry. Technicians stand comfortably with unrestricted access to service areas, no longer lying on cold concrete floors in awkward positions to perform under-equipment jobs. The lifts deliver both improved ergonomics and increased technician productivity.

Heftee lifts are freestanding for easy relocation within shop. Heftee’s revolutionary single-mast design gives unrestricted access to the equipment. There are no crossbars or twisting cables, and the jacks, booms, support arms and easily adjustable work platforms included with the lifts—all integrate with the lift to make it a complete power equipment workstation. The Heftee 4000 safely accommodates equipment up to 87 inches wide and lifts up to 4,000 lbs., to 6 feet, in less than a minute. The Heftee 4000 standard equipment package comes complete with jacks, boom and extension arms for completing virtually any repair job. It was specifically designed for the larger commercial riding mowers and turf equipment. The Heftee 2000 safely handles equipment up to 60 inches wide and lifts up to 2,000 lbs., to 6 feet, in less than a minute. Like it’s bigger brother, the Heftee 2000 standard equipment package includes jacks, boom and extension arms. The Heftee 2000 is ideal for medium to small riding lawn mowers with 60-in. mowing decks and smaller. Making hard-to-service equipment easy to service is Heftee’s business. Any lift can lift. Heftee lifts are equipped with unique features that enhance service. The technician can focus on repairing hard-to-service turf equipment and utility vehicles better, faster, safer.