EXPOelite 2023

Following a successful launch at the 2022 Equip Exposition, Kress North America is thrilled to be back in Louisville to celebrate “40 Years of Expo” at Equip 2023. Last year, Kress dazzled attendees with the revolutionary 8-minute CyberSystem, powering a full line of commercial-grade power equipment. This year, Kress is excited to expand upon its current commercial offerings by introducing new— best-in-class—products and accessories in power equipment, snow management and robotics.

Now available through independent dealers, the Kress Commercial 8-Minute CyberSystem, engineered specifically with the commercial landscaper in mind, features both 4Ah and 11 Ah 60 V battery packs (“CyberPacks”) with the ability to recharge from zero to 100% in only eight minutes — the fastest recharge of any power equipment commercial battery system on the market. Additionally, each 60 V CyberPack battery provides up to 10 times more battery cycles than current Lithium-ion batteries and produces the power and performance that meets or exceeds that of the 30 cc gas-power range.

Kress’ innovative line of autonomous, robotic mowers—first introduced at Equip 2022 and available at select dealers across North America—is equipped with the most innovative positioning technology on the market. The proprietary Kress real-time kinematic network (RTKn), combined with Mowing Action Plan (MAP) technology, allows for satellite-precise multizone management, meaning the Kress Mission and Mission Mega units can mow in systematic parallel or diagonal lines with centimeter-level accuracy, all without the need for boundary wires or on-site satellites. In other words, Kress Mission mows like you, without you.

Kress North America’s line of commercial-grade power equipment, RTKn robotic mowers and 40 and 60 V prosumer products are available at more than 550 independent dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Supported by a veteran sales team with nearly 700 years of experience in the category, the Kress Commercial team of experts work closely with dealers, landscapers and the product development team to provide the best and most advanced solutions for landscape professionals.