EXPOelite 2023

Pellenc—Zero Emission With Breathtaking Power

The Airion backpack blower from Pellenc delivers unprecedented power and stretches the limits of what batterypowered tools can do while remaining 10 decibels quieter than a gas blower equivalent. With an amazing 27 N of thrust and 858 cfm of airflow the Airion backpack blower is designed for an optimized efficiency an extended range. Keep control with the smart handle including four progressive speeds and one boost mode. An HMI screen on the handle displays the remaining battery percentage in hour or minutes to know where you stand during your work. The Airion backpack blower is the most ergonomic blower on the market with 10 times less vibration compared to a gas equivalent. It includes comfortable cushions and a three-point adjustable harness. With its IP54 protection rating against dust and water ingress, the Airion backpack blower lets you work in all weather conditions. The pivot connecting the blower to the harness allows for effortless freedom of movement. With its smart handle and innovative design, the Airion backpack blower offers significant advantages in terms of ergonomics. This new blower is waterproof, quiet, and emits no fumes, making it ideal for regular and intensive work, whatever the weather.