EXPOelite 2023

Meet the Ideal & c-Systems team at Equip Expo!

From the DOS years to going mobile, Ideal and c-Systems have paved the way for new and innovative dealership technologies for 30 plus years. We are excited to be back again at the Equip Expo and show you what we have been working on! This year, you can find us at booth 7004 and next to the Dealer Lounge at counters C003 and C004.

We take feedback from our dealers to heart and truly value this opportunity to connect with you and—most importantly—have fun doing it. We would love to show you all how our software can make managing your dealership easier, like with TargetCRM, Parts Locator, and our latest tool—TargetWeb.

The Power Of TargetCRM

TargetCRM is a sales and marketing platform that helps turn your one-time customers into repeat buyers.

Use real-time, two-way text and email conversations to engage customers more easily and strengthen your sales and service – even in the off-season.

Put an end to phone tag and reduce voicemails by up to 80%.

Find the Parts You Need With Parts Locator

Look up affordable parts for old equipment at nearby dealerships.

View each part’s location on an interactive map so you can send your inquiries to dealers immediately and secure items for clients.

Have aging stock? Use Parts Locator to sell those too.

Amplify Your Online Presence With TargetWeb

No more manual website updates – auto-sync your product details and prices directly from your DMS and OEMs.

Use the intuitive website editor to customize your website in seconds.

Get data-driven insights to better understand your website traffic, sales, and more.

We will answer all your questions about these solutions and show you the full extent of our dealership management software. We take pride in our ability to listen to dealers and equip them with the best tools to help their business thrive—no matter what changes impact the market. We can’t wait to see you!