EXPOelite 2023

Sunbelt Says Stop Sharpening Your Mower Blades

LaserEdge is the only commercial lawn mower blade that sharpens itself. Utilizing

EverSharp technology, these hardened steel blades deliver superior performance and actually get sharper during use, resulting in minimal maintenance and maximum profitability for landscaping professionals. EverSharp’s advanced surface-engineered edge is applied to the underside of the cutting edge of the blade. As the blade is utilized, the base blade material begins to wear away and exposes a new LaserEdge blade edge, which is harder and more wear resistant than the original cutting edge.

High-quality, hardened steel blades equipped with the EverSharp technology on their cutting edges have demonstrated their toughness and durability during thousands of hours of field testing and highly controlled lab testing.

In an intense 50-hour field test in central Florida, mower blades with EverSharp technology proved they “cut themselves sharp” when a new cutting edge emerged as the blade wore down. In the test, a brand-new mower blade had EverSharp technology applied on one cutting edge and was left untreated on the other edge. After putting the blade to work for 50 hours, the results were clear. The LaserEdge blade edge was still sharp, and the untreated side was dulled and worn away.